Emergency Relief

We have a strong focus on human services and provide emergency relief and support to our members and families in crisis and offer financial and other support for ceremonial, sporting and educational activities.

Historically, the association was instrumental in setting up the Sunrise Health Service, which provides medical assistance to Aboriginal people in the Katherine region.

Some of the important services we provide include:

. . .
​Food vouchers are given to those struggling to feed themselves and their families and can be spent in Katherine or at local community stores.

. . .
Transport, food and hostel accommodation are part of the support we provide to those who find it difficult to visit sick relatives in hospital.

. . .
Important referral and liaison services are offered to those who face difficulty dealing with community services and government agencies.

. . .
Grieving families are provided with financial assistance to attend and organise funerals. This can include support for the service, transport and food

. . .
Those who are aged and in care are provided with additional support through food vouchers and other items to ensure they are guaranteed access to proper nutrition and medication.