Healthy Country

A Healthy Country is a place where our cultural sites, plants and animals and water places are thriving and cared for.

The Jawoyn Association has developed a Healthy Country Plan as a practical and community-owned guide for all major land management and cultural activities on Jawoyn country.

The plan has to come from the dreams, concerns and knowledge of the Jawoyn people.

It is being used to guide the association’s work, direct the Jawoyn Rangers and the Banatjarl Strongbala Wimun Grup and to engage with government agencies and stakeholders in cultural and environmental management.

In addition, it will guide land use negotiations and decision makers when considering the future of economic development across Jawoyn country.


The planning process for the Healthy Country Plan involved three large community consultations, which kicked off in September 2016.

The working group which included Jawoyn Rangers, two external experts and a healthy country coach. At each consultation, two people were elected to form part of steering committee.

This same working group compiled the mass of information to form the Healthy Country Plan. The steering committee met frequently to guide the direction of the plan and ensure its integrity.

Healthy Country Plan

Healthy Country Plan PDF Publication 2018 - 2028

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Healthy Country Plan: Values and Threats

Healthy Country Plan: Values and Threats PDF Publication 2018 - 2028

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The areas that people care most about have been classified as values, which have measurable goals of things we want to see into the future.

They include:

  1. Living Culture

  2. Cultural Sites and Rock Art

  3. Important Plants

  4. Important Animals

  5. Water Places

  6. Fire Management

  7. Getting on Country


We identified the main problems affecting our country and communities and values and have called these threats.

They include:

  1. Feral Animals

  2. Lonely Country

  3. Bad Fire Practices

  4. Wrong People on Country

  5. Weeds

  6. Distractions and Unhealthy Lifestyle

  7. Development Pressure

We classified these into seven main areas and prioritised these threats with in a threat/value matrix.

Healthy Country Plan: Poster 2018 - 2028

Healthy Country Plan: Values and Threats PDF Poster 2018 - 2028

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