On March 31 1978, a group of Jawoyn people lodged a claim over our traditional lands in the Katherine region, marking the first step to our land rights and recognition.

It was the beginning of a long-fought battle that lasted 11 years to win back our country so we could keep our connection to our special places and keep it healthy.

Eventually we won – and ever since we have been sharing our country.

Despite concerns we would close our land and Nitmiluk to visitors, we did the opposite.

Today, Nitmiluk National Park is the most popular tourist destination in the Northern Territory and Jawoyn run the thriving Nitmiluk Tours in the park.

Forty years on, we recognise our elders and all those who worked with us during that time, and now.

Anniversary celebrations will be held at Youth Park with a bunggul, bands and a BBQ.

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