Community, culture and country lay at the heart of our work.

Our Elders made a decision that royalties must be re-invested in services that support these values and directly benefit all members and community, rather than individuals.

As a result of this approach, we have been able to maintain our community focus on human services, employment and education, as well as nurture partnerships and form successful operations in tourism and land management.

Employment & Training

We actively employ Jawoyn people across all our services and enterprises and we engage with organisations who are focused on Indigenous employment.

Our ranger program is currently one of the largest employers of Indigenous people in the region. In the burning season, we employ more than 50 people.

Education and training is provided to staff on an ongoing basis.

We also provide financial and other support to those who have been offered important educational or sporting opportunities.


We work in collaboration with a range of government and non-government organisations.

We work with the Australian Government on a range of programs, including the management of Kakadu National Park, West Arnhem Land Fire Abatement Scheme (WALFA), Department of Environment and Heritage and the Aboriginal Benefits Account.


Jawoyn jointly manages and collaborates across a range of government programs and departments including:

– Nitmiluk National Park with the Northern Territory Government’s Parks and Wildlife.

– Family Support Services, Domestic & Family Violence Prevention Programs, and culturally guided wellbeing initiatives tailored for women, children, men, and communities through Banatjarl Strongbala Wimun Grup.

– We also work alongside a range of government departments on land management, tourism, health, education and employment.


We work in partnership with the local councils operating on Jawoyn lands, including the Katherine Town Council and the Roper Gulf Shire Council, to ensure the provision of non-core local government services.​


Jawoyn participate in community-focused services and initiatives including:

– Sunrise and Wurli Wurlinjang health services
Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centres
– Katherine Regional Tourism Association
– Cultural Precinct development committee
– Katherine Regional Arts

Emergency Relief

We have a strong focus on human services and provide emergency relief and support to our members and families in crisis and offer financial and other support for ceremonial, sporting and educational activities.

Historically, the association was instrumental in setting up the Sunrise Health Service, which provides medical assistance to Aboriginal people in the Katherine region.

Some of the important services we provide include:


Food vouchers are given to those struggling to feed themselves and their families and can be spent in Katherine or at local community stores.


Transport, food and hostel accommodation are part of the support we provide to those who find it difficult to visit sick relatives in hospital.


Important referral and liaison services are offered to those who face difficulty dealing with community services and government agencies.


Grieving families are provided with financial assistance to attend and organise funerals. This can include support for the service, transport and food


Those who are aged and in care are provided with additional support through food vouchers and other items to ensure they are guaranteed access to proper nutrition and medication.