The Banatjarl Strongbala Wimun Grup (BSWG) are a diverse group of women members who represent several of the Aboriginal language and tribal groups living on Jawoyn Country.

The group was more formally established at the homeland that is named Banatjarl, also known as King Valley.

The group are an inclusive, unique and strong group of women that are governed by a council of elders and the Jawoyn Association.

The vision is to support women, children, families, and community by running culturally led programs that incorporate traditional Indigenous healing and wellbeing practises.

Giving opportunity for young ones to embrace the knowledge and be empowered towards leadership.

This vision is now being actualised and has taken generations of courage in leadership, determination and innovation to be heard and respected.

The group hold the memories and acknowledge and honour the elders and women that have passed and supported along the way.

Our current programs include culturally designed and led Family Support Services ‘Country is Medicine ’.

Working across the region in empowering women to voice their own solutions to social issues that include the impacts of Domestic and Family Violence, Mental Health, Preventative health as well as pathways for education, employment and social enterprise.

Banatjarl is home to the Family Healing Centre and bush medicine garden where there are large forums, cultural camps, community consultation and activities.

Important ancient knowledge about plants, animals and bush foods are passed on as well as the teaching of language.

The women treasure the master weavers who pass on the important skills, knowledge and disciplines of weaving to the women.

The BSWG now has a welcoming office space in Katherine town where there is an arts and ceramics studio.

This centre is also a place that anyone can drop in if they want to be supported to connect.

We also manage the NitNit Gift Shop at Nitmilkuk Visitor Centre. This is where our young ones gain work experience and visitors to Jawoyn Country have an opportunity to hear about the great work being done in the region and can take the stories back to their homes whether in Australia or overseas and further share the amasing vision of the Banatjarl Strongbala Wimun Grup.

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