Keeping tradition alive, the Banatjarl women and Jawoyn Rangers delivered cultural activities and food at this year’s festival.

The music, sports and cultural festival attracted thousands of visitors to the Jawoyn community of Barunga in June.

Under the shade on the main oval, about 25 Banatjarl ladies delivered a busy program of bush medicine and weaving workshops and ran a bush peanut cracking kids corner.

Dorothy Bienuwanga, Marileen Dulman, Dianna Bruce, Kay Namuadja and Nicole Nabaralmarl taught more than 60 people how to weave, while Chiyo Andrews, Rosemary Carey and Betty Berry showed a similar number how to make bush medicine.

The Jawoyn team also cooked up a storm, with Majella Friel, Jocelyn MaCartney, Josephine and Melva Brinjin, Revina, Danikka and Whitney helping to fill festival-goers bellies with damper and billy tea while the Jawoyn Rangers cooked traditional tucker in a bush oven, attracting huge crowds.

A stack of bush medicine tonics and teas, baskets, necklaces and books were also sold at the stall – helping to raise funds for future activities.

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