Jawoyn work on country is helping Train Safe NT to drive a greener future.

Train Safe NT has purchased carbon credits through the Jawoyn Fire Project, making the group the first 4×4 training company to run carbon neutral 4WD courses in Australia.

“We purchased carbon credits to offset the diesel exhaust emissions so those learning to drive four wheel drives can feel good about running big diesel engines during our courses,” director and trainer James Gorrie explains.

During our 4WD courses we may have five vehicles running for two days. Every time we start the car it burns diesel which releases carbon into the atmosphere, a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming.”

The offsets are certified by the Australian government and meet the Kyoto emissions standards.

“By making a financial contribution to Jawoyn Association we are able to support the environment in the Northern Territory and support Indigenous rangers manage the land and conduct good fire management, so there are positive social and environmental outcomes for all parties,” James says.

“As an NT company I think it’s our duty to be the first training company that is actually contributing to reducing emissions rather than adding to global warming.

“We need 4wd vehicles in the outback – they are essential part of living in remote locations. By purchasing carbon offsets from a certified organisation, we feel good about using big gas guzzlers.”

I see this as the future “if all businesses offset their emissions this would help the world manage global warming, it was nice to feel good and play a small part in the big picture”.

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