Jawoyn Rangers are front and centre in an exhibition being held at Katherine’s arts and culture centre.

The collection of more than 15 stunning, large photos is the work of photographer and filmmaker Callum Flinn.

“The images of mine that are being exhibited in he gallery were taken on two trips with Jawoyn Association rangers,” says Callum.

“During the first trip to Barnatjarl a fire was detected on the station next door. A lot of time was spent driving Toyotas through the bush putting out blazing stumps and keeping an eye on the direction of the fire front.

“The younger men used this opportunity to learn as we went out to back burn in the stillness of the night.”

Callum’s photos also document a three day trip to Arnhem Land.

“It was a mind-blowing experience. This trip gave meaning to the terms ‘bush-bashing’ and ‘bull bar’ as we travelled off road deep in Arnhem Land, hunting wild cattle,” Callum explains.

“A whole day on this trip was dedicated to walking deep into the bush to inspect some of the most incredible rock art sites I have ever seen.

“This time I was there to assist the rangers with documenting these sites using the Jawoyn cameras. They photograph these trips to record the transfer of knowledge and help keep the culture strong.

Whilst we sat down for lunch I was told stories of the older people who used to frequent that land, and the cultural significance of the art sites.

OUR COUNTRY: Capture Scenes of Daily Life opened at the Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts and Culture Centre last month and will continue through February.

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