The boards of the Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation and its tourism arm, Nitmiluk Tours have announced the appointment of Jane Runyu- Fordimail as the new CEO of the prominent tourism operation in Katherine.

“This is a huge milestone for our people—a great step forward,” said Lisa Mumbin, chair of the Jawoyn Association and incoming chair of Nitmiluk Tours.

“Jane learnt at the feet of our major leaders back in the 1980s, and she was one of the first Jawoyn to be appointed to the Nitmiluk Tours Board back in 1993.

“Since that time she has dedicated herself to learning about the business, and since 2012 has been manager of cultural services out at the National Park, and been mentored into the role she now takes on.”

Ms Mumbin said that the boards of both Jawoyn and Nitmiluk were united in their commitment to improving and expanding tourism services at the park, and in other areas in the region.

“This is the vision our Elders gave us when they lodged the land claim 39 years ago, a vision in which—through sharing our country with the world—we would also increase Jawoyn involvement in the future economic development of the region.

“Jane is a strong Jawoyn woman, and I am enormously proud of her achievements to date, and look forward to her growing in her new role with the wonderful staff at Nitmiluk Tours.

We would also like to thank Tony Clementson for his work as General Manager of Nitmiluk Tours. Last year, there were more visitors to Nitmiluk than Kakadu, a result of the good work from the entire team at Nitmiluk.”

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