By Sylvia Maroney

Jawoyn rangers, traditional owners and elder Gary Manbulloo visited Jarlarrworrporr in mid May to spend time on country, conduct early dry season burning and visit cultural sites.

Supporting Jawoyn people to reconnect with country and engage with activities on their traditional lands is an important part of Jawoyn Association’s work.

Jarlarrworrporr, also known as Centipede Dreaming, is part of the Kaynjalarr traditional lands of elder Gary Manbulloo and his family.

Rangers and casuals set up a camp near Djigamun creek and cleared an area for a helipad so hard to reach sites could be visited by air.

It was a busy time. Jawoyn Rangers and the traditional owners conducted burning on country, elder Gary Manbulloo took young people to rock art sites, and rangers, casual workers and TOs renewed roads with vehicles and a buggy.

Firestick’s Ben Lewis assisted the group and helped the team to use a hand-held tablet on the old road to country. The road to Jarlarrworrpurr is now easier to find after it was aerial burned by helicopter.

The group involved Mr Manbulloo and ten traditional owners and some were really happy because they were seeing their country for the first time.

They said they really appreciate the chance to return to country and that it was important to have elders out on country to teach them and to guide where they should burn.

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