Jawoyn Rangers and Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Rangers are hopeful conditions improve as they battle a wildfire raging on the Nitmiluk and Kakadu park boundaries, in the Northern Territory’s mid-north.

The ranger groups have been working overtime with Bushfires NT and Kakadu National Park to contain the blaze, after it broke out over a week ago.

This fire is believed to have been deliberately lit.

Hot weather and high winds have fanned the flames, which has so far incinerated 10,000 hectares of bush in the Douglas Spring area.

More than 15 combined crew have been working day and night to prevent the blaze from spreading from the northern end of Nitmiluk National Park into Kakadu.

“This fire has forced all hands on deck,” Jawoyn Rangers Land Manager Scott Herring says.

“Despite the tough conditions, the inter-agency coordination has been outstanding and we’re all focused on stopping the fire from moving into Kakadu and onto the Arnhem Land plateau.

“We’re lucky the wildfire hasn’t put homes and lives in danger to date, but it’s tough to see Nitmiluk take such a battering.”

Firefighting in remote areas takes special equipment, where crews have to cross tough terrain in vehicles or be flown in helicopters.

There are a number of 4WDs, a water tanker, grader and one helicopter working at the fire front.

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Ranger Aaron Ledgard says the crew are putting in a mammoth effort.

“It’s vital we work together as fires this wild do major damage to the environment,” Mr Ledgard says.

“This is also the second year of our carbon farming program in Nitmiluk and we want to limit the loss of carbon credits as a result of the fire.”

With the build-up weather refusing to show signs of cooling down, the joint forces are expecting to continue fighting the blaze through the week.

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